Month: September 2016

When You Work With CTI Partnered With ADTRAN, Your Manufacturing Firm’s vWLAN Connectivity Is Scalable, Cost-Effective, and Dependable


The manufacturing landscape is evolving at a rapid clip and becoming increasingly digitized on a near-daily basis. These days, production machines and assembly lines depend on WiFi and require it in order to communicate and keep production lines running. Additionally, network connectivity and mobile devices drive modern manufacturing techniques, and manufacturing devices need reliable, consistent … Continued


Month: September 2016

Boost Your Manufacturing Firm’s Communications Technology to the Next Level With CTI’s Custom Cabling Services

network cabling

CTI’s advanced cabling and infrastructure solutions provide manufacturing firms with a customized cabling and communications solution that integrates modern Unified Communications systems with pre-existing legacy PAs, phone systems, and analog systems. Upgrading your cabling and infrastructure systems will streamline the entire manufacturing process—in fact, using CTI’s innovative cabling process featuring Hubbell Premise equipment, you’ll enhance … Continued


Month: September 2016

Improve Patient Care, Extend Your Healthcare Organization’s Reach, and Grow Your Business With Telemedicine


Telemedicine, also known as medical video conferencing, is changing healthcare across the globe. Here at home, telemedicine is bringing healthcare to remote and rural areas where medical care has historically been a difficult—if not impossible—prospect. Medical video conferencing makes homebound and hard-to-reach patients accessible. With the right technology, visiting a doctor is as easy as … Continued