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Choosing the Right IT Security Architecture


It is no secret that the security landscape has changed over the past five years. In the face of a 40 percent increase in the number of data breaches, companies are rushing to evolve their IT security protocols to offer the most protection. Rather than simply focusing on the security of the perimeter, IT teams … Continued


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5 Practical Tips to Deal With Cyber Attacks


More than likely, you have already been bombarded by numerous reports of the damage that cyber attacks can render. A cyber threat can completely disrupt your systems, bringing your workflow and your profits to a standstill. Even if you are able to maintain some level of functionality during a threat by using emergency equipment in … Continued


Category: Check Point

Category: Check Point

Key Data Breach Predictions for 2017


In case you were hoping that cyber crime would magically stop in 2017, I’ve got some bad news for you – it is going to get worse! Multiple studies predict the volume of attacks, sophistication of attackers and companies that will fall victim to attacks will all increase over time, in spite of increased investments … Continued


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Check Point’s Solutions Add Value To Automated Health Care


Our partner Check Point is an industry leader in healthcare security protection. CTI is a proud value added reseller (VAR) for Check Point’s stunning array of security platforms, products, and services. Check Point Foils Hostile Healthcare Hackers and Satisfies Gimlet-Eyed HIPAA Auditors. The healthcare industry provides rich targets to hackers. Patient data contains enormously valuable … Continued