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Telemedicine Can Help Both Rural and Metropolitan Clinics and Hospitals Improve Patient Care


Hospitals, clinics, and specialty medical practices across the country are increasingly turning to video collaboration and other technologies to serve more patients and meet those patients’ care needs. Whether a medical specialist is across town or across the country from the hospital or clinic where the patient is receiving treatment, video collaboration solutions allow for … Continued


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What is Call Monitoring And How Can it Help Your Healthcare Business?


Call monitoring, also known as call alert, is an important entity that can greatly help healthcare organizations in preparation for and during an emergency situation. Through call monitoring the chosen system administrators will be able to define specific parameters to trigger alerts in the occurrence of an event. Through Syn-Apps’ CallAlert solution, healthcare facilities can … Continued


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Check Point’s Solutions Add Value To Automated Health Care


Our partner Check Point is an industry leader in healthcare security protection. CTI is a proud value added reseller (VAR) for Check Point’s stunning array of security platforms, products, and services. Check Point Foils Hostile Healthcare Hackers and Satisfies Gimlet-Eyed HIPAA Auditors. The healthcare industry provides rich targets to hackers. Patient data contains enormously valuable … Continued


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Improve Patient Care, Extend Your Healthcare Organization’s Reach, and Grow Your Business With Telemedicine


Telemedicine, also known as medical video conferencing, is changing healthcare across the globe. Here at home, telemedicine is bringing healthcare to remote and rural areas where medical care has historically been a difficult—if not impossible—prospect. Medical video conferencing makes homebound and hard-to-reach patients accessible. With the right technology, visiting a doctor is as easy as … Continued


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Mobile Healthcare and the Triangle of Care: Customizable, Mobile Workstations Improve Workflow, Safety, and Patient Experience


Mobile and cloud-based patient care and electronic health records (EHR) are fast becoming mainstream in the healthcare world. The creation of a patient-centric healthcare environment that fosters real-time, collaborative care with a treatment plan based on accurate, up-to-date medical information greatly improves the quality of the patient experience. To achieve patient-centric care, nurses and physicians … Continued