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How to Communicate Quickly in an Emergency


No matter the industry, communication is a key component towards ensuring the safety of personnel, visitors, employees, and family members during an emergency event. Scalable technology solutions that account for internal and external communications must be chosen if organizations want to improve their current safety standards. In fact, streamlined communications can greatly enhance the ability … Continued


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Enhance and Streamline Routine and Emergency Communications Across the Industrial Plant


Manufacturing in the U.S. might be on the upswing, but maintaining reliable, consistent communications in the face of increased production requirements is proving to be quite a challenge for industrial plant personnel. Today’s manufacturers are faced with heightened consumer demands, increasingly complex mechanical issues, and an often-shorthanded workforce. When paired with a lack of reliable … Continued


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Video Conferencing Solutions Help Manufacturers Increase Revenue, Decrease Expenses, and Minimize Risk


Manufacturing in the U.S. is experiencing tremendous growth since the recession, but executives are concerned that there may be storm clouds on the horizon due to the looming skills gap in a qualified workforce. According to a recent report by the Manufacturing Institute, “The Skills Gap in U.S. Manufacturing—2015 and Beyond,” baby boomer retirement and … Continued


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Ergotron Custom Solutions Increase Manufacturing Firms’ Efficiency and Production and Improve Employee Mobility


Working in the manufacturing industry is a tough job—even with today’s automated processes, it can mean long hours of physical exertion on foot. To stay on top of a competitive manufacturing marketplace and with potential employee workplace liability concerns looming, it has never been more important to provide your manufacturing workplace and your employees with … Continued


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When You Work With CTI Partnered With ADTRAN, Your Manufacturing Firm’s vWLAN Connectivity Is Scalable, Cost-Effective, and Dependable


The manufacturing landscape is evolving at a rapid clip and becoming increasingly digitized on a near-daily basis. These days, production machines and assembly lines depend on WiFi and require it in order to communicate and keep production lines running. Additionally, network connectivity and mobile devices drive modern manufacturing techniques, and manufacturing devices need reliable, consistent … Continued