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The Communications and Safety Benefits of Notification Solutions In Education


Keeping students, faculty, and staff members safe throughout the day is a top priority for K – 12 and higher education institutions. In order to improve daily and emergency communications, educational organizations must choose scalable technology solutions that can be leveraged to improve current and future safety standards. In fact, the right notification solution can … Continued


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Notifications: Bringing Unity Out of Chaos


An emergency that affects a whole campus or business calls for prompt notification. If a blizzard, a bomb threat, or a shooting occurs, everyone needs to get the word. When the problem is resolved, it’s just as important to let people know. Without reliable information, people won’t take needed precautions. Rumors may spread and cause … Continued


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What is Call Monitoring And How Can it Help Your Healthcare Business?


Call monitoring, also known as call alert, is an important entity that can greatly help healthcare organizations in preparation for and during an emergency situation. Through call monitoring the chosen system administrators will be able to define specific parameters to trigger alerts in the occurrence of an event. Through Syn-Apps’ CallAlert solution, healthcare facilities can … Continued


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How to Communicate Quickly in an Emergency


No matter the industry, communication is a key component towards ensuring the safety of personnel, visitors, employees, and family members during an emergency event. Scalable technology solutions that account for internal and external communications must be chosen if organizations want to improve their current safety standards. In fact, streamlined communications can greatly enhance the ability … Continued


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Enhance and Streamline Routine and Emergency Communications Across the Industrial Plant


Manufacturing in the U.S. might be on the upswing, but maintaining reliable, consistent communications in the face of increased production requirements is proving to be quite a challenge for industrial plant personnel. Today’s manufacturers are faced with heightened consumer demands, increasingly complex mechanical issues, and an often-shorthanded workforce. When paired with a lack of reliable … Continued